Traditional twisted old school tattoos

Jeroen van Dijk

Traditional twisted old school tattoos in razor sharp lines. Fearless designs with bright ingenuous perspectives in an Amsterdam style.

Jeroen works on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays

Tattoo info

Our starting price is €100,- and the rate for a full day is €950,- . A handpalm size piece is between €250,- to €350,- depending on the amount of detail. If you have a limited budget do let us know and …............ continue reading


Send an empty email to  Use the name of your preferred artist in the subject line and you will receive an email with questions to make booking you in much faster. We book max 2 months ahead.

Traditional twisted old school tattoos

Few tattooers in Amsterdam make grander and crazier old school tattoos then Jeroen (pronounce like “your room”, but change the “m” to an “n”) does. Whether it is a snake with a thousand eyes or e girls head with a landscape morfing from the top of her head. There isn’t much you can think of that Jeroen can’t put a fantastic spin on. Due to his very specific way of making roses, tulips and windmills he got just a bit famous with the travellers. Keep in mind that these aren’t the average tourist tattoos, rather, these are tattoo collectors that see tattoos as a

form of keeping a diary. Like a journal from their travels, as well as a chronicle of life events. A lot of aspects of Jeroen’s style reminisce of Dali and other surrealists artist, because similarly, he really enjoys taking things just a tad bit further. If you are into small or dainty tattoo work we have other tattooers work with us who would be better suited. Instead, if you are looking for a unique, one of a kind bold design then send you ideas to him. Jeroen falls into the category of the handful of tattooers who create new images, styles, colour palettes or themes while other tattooers take inspiration from the likes of him.