Traditional twisted old school tattoos

Jeroen van Dijk

Jeroen is known for his razor sharp lines and fearless designs with bright ingenuous perspectives. His traditional twisted old school tattoos are made to last.

Jeroen works on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Tattoo info

Our starting price is €100,- and the rate for a full day is €950,-   A handpalm size piece is between €250,- to €350,- depending on the amount of detail. If you have a limited budget do let us know and …............ continue reading


Send an empty email to  Use the name of your preferred artist in the subject line and you will receive an email with questions to make booking you in much faster.

Traditional twisted old school tattoos

No one in Amsterdam makes bolder and crazier old school tattoos then Jeroen (pronounce “Jer” like in Jeremy and “oen” like oon in baboon)