International tattoo guestartists

Due to Covid-19 restriction all guestspots are on hold till further notice. Damn you Corona.

Emerging international tattoo guestartists and well known tattooers are working with us weekly in our Amsterdam shop. 

These guestspots will not happen until we know more about the progression of Covid-19. I know we should take them off the website, but that is emotionally too hard for us right now. 😩

Amsterdam tattoo lukas
  Moved to June  –  Lukas
international guestartist tattoo mark
  March 9 to 13  –  Mark
guestartist luke tattoo
  March 9 to 13  –  Luke
international yub tattoo
  March 11 to 14  –  Yub
tattoo international gee
  March 18 to 21  –  Gee Hawkes
guest skully tattoo
  March 18 to 21  –  Skully
rafael tattooshop amsterdam international
  March 23 to Apr 4  –  Rafael
sandra guestartist international tattooshop
  March 23 to 27  –  Sandra
tattoo guestartist luca
  March 25 to 28  –  Luca

Contact guestartists yourself. They do their own bookings.

fabrizio tattoo amsterdam
  March 25 to 28  –  Fabrizio
devoner tattoo amsterdam
  March 30 to Apr 3  –  Devoner
Tattoo amsterdam guest valeria
  March 30 to Apr  –  Valeria
tattoo amsterdam michelangelo
  April 6 to 9  –  Michaelangelo
amsterdam mckenzie ornamental
  April 7 to 9  –  McKenzie
Amsterdam tattoo konst
  April 8 to 11  –  Konstanze
Tattoo daria amsterdam
  April 10 & 11  –  Daria
guestartist tattoo aurelien
  April 13 to 18  –  Aurelien
frogmagic amsterdam
  April 13 to 17  –  Frogmagic

New guestartists are announced on this page first.

tattoo woozy amsterdam
  April 13 to 17  –  Woozy
nik tattoo amsterdam
  April 13 to 16  –  Nik Square
tattoo ego amsterdam
  April 20 to 24  –  Ferran
Sally amsterdam tattoo
  April 20 to 24  –  Sally
Amsterdam tattoo dan
  April 20 to 24  –  Demon Dan
tattoo guest
  April 28 to May 2  –  Daniel
tattoo Amsterdam vitoria
  April 28 to May 1  –  Vitoria
adriaan amsterdam tattoo
  May 4 to 8  –  Adriaan
tattoo amsterdam monika
  May 4 to 8  –  Monika

Guestartists do their own bookings. Contact them directly.

We discuss a lot of topics that are good to know before you get tattooed at info and health.

To give you an idea of our shop prices: our minimum is €100,-, a palm size piece is between €250,- to €350,- depending on the detail. A full day session is €950,-.

Most of our guestartists will have similar pricing to ours. If they are far removed from our standard they will let you know beforehand.

If you are new to tattooing you might want to read up on aftercare before your appointment.