Feminine minimal botanical tattoos

Brunella Simoes

Amsterdam’s queen of feminine minimal botanical tattoos with fine lines. Brunella tattoos unique beautifully refined designs with a hint of color.

Brunella works on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays

Tattoo info

Our starting price is €100,- and the rate for a full day is €950,- . A handpalm size piece is between €250,- to €350,- depending on the amount of detail. If you have a limited budget do let us know and …............ continue reading


Send an empty email to salonserpenttattoo@gmail.com  Use the name of your preferred artist in the subject line and you will receive an email with questions to make booking you in much faster. We book max 2 months ahead.

Feminine minimal botanical tattoos

Brunella is a true artistic and creative tattooer with a passion for minimal artwork. The female shape is one of her most beloved subjects, often blending in with animals and plants or flowers. However, a combination with a natural surrounding including dancing, drinking wine or swimming is all very plausible as well. The female characters that she designs have a strong sense of strength to them. Like they have a determination and a drive towards happiness and independence like it is nobody’s business. On the other hand though, you can’t help to get the impression of a hint 

of vulnerability in them. To an extend Brunella’s work feels like a melancholy, mysterious illustration from an old timey magazine. She tops it off with the dramatic flare from her fierce Brazilian heritage. Her whimsical, minimal flowers and branches designs come in a variety of sizes, where she works a lot in subtle grey tones or very minimal muted tones. They are rather flowy, almost art nouveau kinda translucent botanical work. Although they may also be viewed as some more modernistic elegant plant forms and styles. Above all, Brunella’s tattoos are never heavy but always feel light, open and free.