Studio info - booking, prices, shop policy.

Find answers here for the most common questions about bookings, prices and do’s and don’ts.

Opening hours

Monday to Saturday
from 12 to 7.
We have a minimum age of 18.

Make a booking

or get info through email. We ask a €100,- deposit to book a date. Very often we have space for walk ins. Drop by. The earlier the better.

Our starting price is €100,-

Different artists have different prices and dayrates. When you email or talk to us about your design idea, we can let you know the price estimate for your chosen artist.                          Let us know if you have a limited budget and we will let you know what the possibilities are.


or family can not come with you to your appointment. We are a private studio and have no waiting area.

Our aim is to keep the work process pure and a collaboration between you and your tattooer. The input of a third person will cloud that process. Please make sure your are confident to start this process.

Before you get tattooed

It is good to have some food or bring a snack. Be clean. Be on time, so not too early and not too late.

Make sure you are wearing comfortable clothes for the part you are getting tattooed on. Bring a top or shorts if necessary, so the artist will have good access to the area to be tattooed. To stay warm and for modesty a cardigan is handy.


that are urgent will be answered as soon as they come in and we are on the email (no Sundays). Other emails take 1 to 7 days for a response, depending on your chosen artist and how busy they are. See artists for emailaddresses.

Best not and don't

drink alcohol the night before or take aspirin, because these make your blood thinner and consequently will cause more bleeding, more bleeding will mean loss of ink pigments

For health reasons you can’t get tattooed while pregnant or breastfeeding.

After the tattoo

A new tattoo is similar to an abrasion. Poor and unhygienic care can cause infections and scar tissue. Infections can lead to a less beautiful tattoo. We will give you instructions about the aftercare. Follow these as closely as you can.

Be aware that a tattoo is handwork, much like a silkscreen print or pottery. Slight imperfections are part of the medium. All skin is different and takes ink differently. Don’t expect a tattoo to look and age like it is a photoshop image on a computer screen.

Custom design

It is good to research your design idea. That way you can give your artist all the information necessary for your tattoo (this does not mean a 2 page life story, deep meanings, etc., but a clear description on the visual aspect).

We will give you feedback and advise when necessary.

Don’t wait until you see your design to communicate all the things you want and don’t want. It is important that you do this upfront.

We strive to put in all the details you request, but our main objective is to make a beautiful design that will suit the intended body part.

If you’re happy to give your artist a lot of room to interpret your idea, that is great, we like that too.



are responsable for their own work. If you want a touch up you need to contact them personally. We provide them solely with a place to work.