Bold traditional blackwork tattoos

Ana Carrico

Bold traditional blackwork tattoos which are easily recognisable as Ana’s work. Her old school designs have a distinctive Amsterdam appearance, made for the ages.

Ana works on  Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

Tattoo info

Our starting price is €100,- and the rate for a full day is €950,- . A handpalm size piece is between €250,- to €350,- depending on the amount of detail. If you have a limited budget do let us know and …............ continue reading


Send an empty email to  Use the name of your preferred artist in the subject line and you will receive an email with questions to make booking you in much faster. We book max 2 months ahead.

Bold traditional blackwork tattoos

If you are looking for bold blackwork tattoos, then Ana is your girl. There are few tattooers in Amsterdam that can make a design as simple, clean and effective as she can. When I say simple I mean the right amount of lines, not too little, but above all not too much. Similarly, there are no useless frivolities and therefore it makes the designs very clean and easy to read. Her tattoos are effective because as a result of the use of bold lines, black shading, no color and 

a good amount of negative space, the tattoo can be spotted from across a busy room and people will be able to tell from far what they are looking at for, well, for forever. These tattoos are not going anywhere. However, It is not for the faint of heart, as Ana’s fearless tattoo style is clearly very present and they are hard to ignore. Meaning they can not be easily overlooked or hidden. Consequently, these traditional blackwork tattoos that Ana makes, you have to own them and be confident to wear them.