Risks and disclaimer

Tattooing is basically putting a foreign substance, ink, in your skin.

Everyones body and skin is different and reacts differently to being tattooed. Things that can occure are, the obvious, like bruising or infection. On rare occasions the body can have reactions like blowouts, pooling or an allergy to mention a few.

Be aware that these things can happen and it is not always something that your artist can prevent. We can not be held accountable for anomalies but we are always available for advise and to help you find a solution.

The internet holds a ridiculous amount of weird untruths about tattooing, the healing and its complications. Do not consult the internet. (not).

If you worry about the healing of your tattoo best is to drop by Salon Serpent asap, write us an email or see a doctor.

Bruising is for some people more common then others and some parts of the body bruise easier then others. It happens often and it might turn from bleu to yellow and green, but it is nothing to worry about.

Infection is not good, but if spotted early on can be turned around by washing with desinfecting soap 3 times a day and refraining from using anymore creme or ointment. A mild infection will show as a thin red line around your fresh tattoo and feel warmer then the surrounding tissue.

A serious infection will need a doctors attention. If the tattoo is oozing white fluid, is swollen, red and whitish [like it has been soaked in water for too long] stop using creme and ointment and see a doctor.

Something as simple as touching a healing tattoo with your hands without washing them first can give you an infection. Be overly clean and careful with your healing tattoo.

A blow out is a burst of ink coming usually from a tattooed line and can be seen straight after the tattooing. This happens if the needle goes in just a little too deep. On some parts of the body where the skin is thin or bones/joints are very close to the surface this can happen easily.

Pooling shows a few days after getting tattooed and looks like a faded blue cloud behind and surrounding your tattoo. It might look like a bruise at first but it will not disappear. This happens rarely and if it does, mostly on womens upper inner arms and upper inner thighs. There is not much muscle tissue there, mostly connective tissue. We do not know exactly why this happens. It seems like it is more likely to happen if the tattoo holds a lot of black ink.

You can be allergic to almost anything and an allergy can come and it can also go. If people have an allergy to tattoo ink it is mostly the color red. Your body will want to get rid of this ink. You can get a variety of symptoms from itching to raising of the skin to the skin not healing. On some people the ink will fade and the symptomes with it. In very rare cases it can give problems for years. Taking antihistamines will often give relief. Contact us if you suspect an allergy and we will help you find a solution.

There is a tattooclinic at the UMC hospital who deals only with complications of tattoos. If you have a severy allergy the doctors there will have the most knowledge to help you.

Tattooclinic newspaper article

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