Know what you want. Research your design idea.

PLEASE GIVE YOUR ARTIST all the information necessary for your design (this does not mean a 2 page life story, deep meanings, etc., but a clear description). Know that we can not read your mind. We will give you feedback and advise if necessary to make the design look better.

We spend around 3 to 4 hours researching and making your tattoo design and for bigger work much more then that. Sometimes small changes are easy, but often it means we have to start all over again to make the composition work.

Don’t wait until you see your design to communicate all the things you want and don’t want. That is actually too late.

If you send reference images/photos [2 to 4 should be enough], explain if there are specific things you like about them.  

If the area to be tattooed has other tattoos around it, send photos that will show those clearly.

We strive to put in all the details you request, but our main objective is to make a beautiful design that will suit the intended body part and that sometimes means we have to leave things out (or add something). Often we only really see what works well when we start drawing. Make sure we know what is really important to you and try to remain open minded to things being slightly different then you though.

If you’re happy to give your artist a lot of room to interpret your idea and you don’t need to control the details that much: that is fine, we like that too.

Please understand that we try to keep the communication/drawing process as clear as possible to avoid making it a long process. A custom tattoo would become overwhelmingly expensive if we would have to make multiple designs with numerous consultations, not to mention it will leave us very little time to actually tattoo.

If we need to reschedule your appointment because we did not get all the necessary information from you your deposit will not be refunded.

* Urgent emails will be answered asap. Others may take 2 to 6 days to get a response. Please understand that we usually get more emails then we can answer in a day. However we have a very good system, so every email will be read and answered.

We have an AGE MINIMUM of 18


Let us know if you have a limited budget and we will let you know what is possible. Our starting price is 100 Euros and we can only accept cash at the parlour.


Have a good breakfast or lunch. Be clean. Be on time, not too early and not too late.

Make sure you are wearing comfortable clothes for the part you are getting tattooed on. If necessary bring a top or short so the artist will have good access to the area to be tattooed.

Do not bring children under 18. They are not allowed in the shop. Neither are pets.

It is not possible for a friend to sit with you while you get tattooed. We simply don’t have enough room in the workspace. Our waiting area can also fill up quick at times, so best would be to come alone or let friendsdrop you of/pick you up.

Do not come intoxicated. That also means being high on weed. Don’t drink alcohol the night before or take aspirine. These will make your blood thinner and consequently will make you bleed more and make it harder for the ink to stay in your skin.


It is very important that you lay still and relaxed while getting tattooed. Let us make the best work we are capable of.

Don’t take any photos of the designs in our shop, on the walls or in books.

If you or your friend take one or two photos of you getting tattooed that is fine. But leave it at that and please ask your tattooer. Having your friend walk around taking photos throughout the session is too distracting for your tattooer.


We will provide you with written aftercare. Please follow this as closely as you can and remember that your tattoo is basically a wound. Be sensible.

Bepanthen aftercare creme is for sale at the parlour.