Please discus with your doctor how long would be best to wait before getting your nipples tattooed. All wounds need to be healed for at least 6 months. The skin needs this time to get strong again, otherwise there is a change the tattooink won't take well and that more scartissue will be created.

Don’t drink alcohol or take aspirin before the treatment. These can thin your blood and make it harder for the ink to stay in your skin. Make sure you are rested and had a meal.


If you prefer to bring someone, please ask someone who is calm and makes you feel secure. And not more then one person.

The tattoo will be done in one session. The total appointment will take about an hour and a half, the tattooing part will take around 30 minutes. If you have a lot of scar tissue or if your skin is very thin you might need a second session. There is always a healing period of 8 weeks between sessions.

First your skin will be cleaned. Then the shape of your nipples will be drawn on your skin so you can see how it will look. The tattooing is done with multiple tiny needles to get the ink under your skin.


When you are done you will be fine to go about your normal business. The tattoo will feel like a superficial wound.

You will receive written aftercare and an explanation on how to care for it. Best is to use Bepanthen zalf and a perfume free soap while healing.

You can take quick showers but it is not advised to take a bath, soak in hot tubs, sauna’s or go swimming for the first two weeks.

Healing takes about two weeks. The tattoos will peel and will itch. In both cases, do not scratch or pick them.


I will try to get as close to the best colour for your skin as possible. This will not be 100% accurate as different inks heal different on different people and skin types.

After they are healed your tattoos will be lighter then right after they are done. Scartissue has a different, denser structure then normal skin, ink might look slightly different there.

Tattoos fade a little over the years, but should stay well for at least 10 years. Sun and solariums speed up the fading process. Please cover your tattoos when exposing them.


Caring well for your healing tattoos is very important for the result and to prevent infections. Please be sensible and remember your skin is broken and open to bacteria. Only touch them after washing your hands.

After the treatment the surrounding skin will be red and feel irritated, this can last about 3 days. If your tattoo remains red longer and is painful please contact me or your doctor to make sure it is not infected.

In rare cases you can have an allergy for the ink. If you are worried about this we can make an appointment 2 weeks prior to do a little test.

If you have questions please feel free to email me at